Have you been hiding from your true calling?

When you know your impact can light up lives,
it’s time to Ignite the soulpreneur within…

Has your life’s purpose been calling? It’s time to finally answer the call.

  • Are you sick of struggling with ideas to figure out exactly how to create consistent clarity, confidence or cash in your personal and professional life?

  • Are you beginning to wonder if having it all without falling apart or burning out is just a fantasy?

  • Is your body giving you signals that your current stressful pace is unsustainable? And some mornings you just feel too overwhelmed or exhausted to get out of bed or too much mental chatter to fall asleep at night?

  • Have you been limiting yourself, hiding behind an unhealthy habit…but it’s secretly killing you?

  • Do you know that you are meant for so much more – yet are held back by lack of courage, perfectionism, or fear of failure/success?

  • Are you finally ready to drop the old paradigm of having to try harder, or work harder to have what your deeply desire?

I just had my first VIP session with Tania and it was fantastic! Almost immediately she helped me zone in on an issue that has been holding me back, in both my business and personal life. I kind of knew it was there, but Tania helped me see it very quickly and then I literally moved through it on the call (and it was effortless!). I’ve had this fear for YEARS, and it is simply not there anymore! I no longer feel scared about really putting myself out there or embracing my power. Instead, I feel ready to show the world who I am, have a greater impact, and make a lot more money in the process.

Mary Knebel

Take the Next Steps to Your Own Greatness


I am ready to leave indecision behind and take steps to create my own long term success.

I know that I am meant for more and want to learn how to take my next steps to greatness.

I can’t wait to evolve and Ignite my journey and live a life I love.

When you release your fears, doubts and insecurities at a core, money will flow in.

When you are Ignited, you will exude, clarity, confidence, courage and cash flow.

Get Ready to claim the abundance, time and freedom that you deserve.


What if I told you that you CAN HAVE IT ALL without the self-sacrifice? Would you believe me?

What if we revealed something about YOU that would change your life forever?

Hidden within you IS a Thriving Powerhouse just ready to take its proper place!

One more what if, what I gave you the steps to Unleash this SUPERPOWER?

Would you wait to find out how to implement this into your life???

Would you say that SOMEDAY you would like to fulfill your destiny?

I don’t think so…



Now is the time. Time to unlock your inner light and truth and expertise so you can have the lifestyle you long for. If you’re here reading this right now, it’s because you are likely an amazing, heart-centered soul who works your butt off trying to be successful and make everyone happy. You probably grew up doing the right thing, getting the right job, being an overachiever and over-doer. You may have even spent much of your time working for an institution or organization, fitting into society’s defined role for you, Mother, Doctor, Lawyer, Therapist, Teacher, Healer, Producer, Actor…

You are probably ALWAYS there for everyone else in your life and put others first. You have proven that you are NOT selfish, arrogant, and definitely not above anyone else. In the meantime, you may have started feeling resentful, fearful, and guilty for not showing up as the full YOU!

And NOW – the old model just doesn’t FIT anymore. You watch others get ahead while you struggle to move forward. You are no longer in alignment with playing small…and you are ready to break through to a new POWERFUL YOU!


Because I was you… Over-certified, over-worked, over-giver…until I finally just got OVER IT!!

I decided that enough was enough and knew I needed to change. After several years and many thousands of dollars invested, I learned how to harness my power and step fully into my inner thriving leadership role!

In this powerful weekend I will take you through my proprietary 3 Pillar System of complete inner and outer personal & professional intention setting. During our time together, I will guide you through a series of practices that will take you from realization, to manifestation and implementation.

Tania is taking coaches and entrepreneurs who are frustrated from not making enough money to enhance cash flow, reduce long hours in a work week, teaching them how to serve their tribe and create true impact in the world, why they make a magnitude of money. If you crave to be an influence working or living anywhere in the world. This event is for you to learn the pillars of having freedom, money and adventure. People spend all this  money on courses, certifications and this investment and time with Tania is the real deal. Tania gets you results, and gets you to take the aligned action next step to your success.

Kevin Pittman

Podcast Host, Play to Win


November 8th, 9th, & 10th, 2019

Friday, November 8th

Join us for a VIP Dinner and Breakthrough. A wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better as we move forward over these next few days.

Saturday, November 9th

Imagine and inspire your ideal self, your ideal reality.

Growth through specific personal blockages or obstacles to create opportunity. 

Navigate and create your next step vision personally and professionally.

Sunday, November 10th  

In tune to your highest truth to your step by step signature success to thrive personally and professionally.

Transform patterns, habits or limiting beliefs to ignite fun, faith, fulfillment and raise in your financial stream.

Elevate your overall self worth and be open to receive the blessings awaiting you.






This 3-day event will save you hundreds of hours trying to figure it out on your own plus save you thousands of dollars hiring experts to help you set up your business up for success.



About Tania

Tania Dilmani is an award winning international best selling author, transformational speaker and the CEO of Living My Best Inc. She is the founder of Mommy Homeopathy Academy and is a celebrity in the world of conscious entrepreneurs, wellness professionals and mommy CEO’s. Empowering them to use vibrational healing techniques to align themselves for the ultimate success and life they are meant to have! Tania is passionate about mentoring, teaching and healing and more so about supporting you to get to the root of any obstacle in your personal or professional life as an opportunity to be healthier, happier, and more successful! Tania’s spent the last 2 decades helping individuals and families to be healthier and now she brings you her expertise integrating wellness on an integrative body, mind and soul connection. She has spent many years mastering the creation of her step by step signature systems to success that integrates her whole self in and will give you the templates to do the same for you! She walks you through her step by step system so you can create the personal and professional life you deserve, desire and dream of!Take your personal & Professional Life to the Next Level.


Tania Dilmani
International Best Selling Author, Educator, Empowerment Coach

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