The ALT Certification


Course Description

Learning the A-Z of what you need in order to implement lifestyle homeopathy and alternative healing modalities into your life. Includes supervised practicum along with mentor ship.


150 hour Mommy homeopathy certificate that will allow you to practice with confidence helping other families with acute situations while getting paid $100 an hour or more.

This 150 hour certificate is recognized by NASH as well as other homeopathic institution so that one can further their homeopathic education.


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to use over 100 acute remedies
  • 38 Bach flower remedies for emotional health and well being
  • Cell salts ( homeopathic vitamins)
  • Learn to take a case
  • Understanding how to use homeopathic constitutional remedies
  • Boost immune system
  • Learn how to be confident in your lives and as Moms
  • Become an active voice as a leader in your community
  • Learn to repertorize so you can take any case
  • Learn to find root of disease

Course Content

Introduction to Homeopathy

You will become familiar with various remedies useful for many acute situation including but not limited to:

• Coughs, Colds and Flu
• Sinus infections
• Female – PMS, menstrual cramps, etc.
• Headaches
• Injuries – back, broken bones, etc.
• Sprains –ankles, back, shoulder, etc.
• Vomiting and diarrhea
• Hemorrhoids

Introduction to Bach Flowers

Learn to implement Bach flower remedies.  The Bach Flower Remedies work by subtly restoring balance to negative emotions i.e. stress, depression, fear. By simply taking two drops of the appropriate remedy they assist with restoring equilibrium.

They are a  natural relief in stressful situations such as: Air travel, exams, interviews, public speaking, child birth/operations, sudden bad news/shock, dentist/doctor appointments. 

Introduction to Cell Salts

Learn how to include cell salts into your healing arsenal.  There are 12 Schuessler cell salts or mineral salts divided into calcium salts, potassium salts, sodium salts, and iron, magnesium, and silica. 

They can be used to address many different issues including emotional health, skin issues, colds and sinus issues and much more.

Live conference classes meet every Wednesday from 1-3pm Eastern for 6 months


Brenda Galloway

Naturopath and Founder of Enliven Beings.

Mike Begala

MLP Master Practitioner and Founder of Life Purpose Mastery.

Kate Birch

Homeopath and author of multiple books including “Find the Solution”.

Christi Kendall

Healer specializing in Theta and Eft.  Founder of Align to Success.

Topics that will be covered include but are not limited to homeopathy, Bach flowers, cell salts, taking a case, repertorizing, and basic practice.

Includes special WhatsApp group for members only

Includes 4 hours private time with Tania

150 hours of training

Certification of “Integrative Holistic Mommy Homeopathy Practitioner”


Held twice a year we invite experts from different areas in Homeopathy. We want to bring to you the most up to date information out there and pair it with lots of fun. You will walk away with a ton of information and most likely a group of new friends.

We are looking at locations such as California, Florida, and Las Vegas for this year’s events.

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