Welcome to Tania Dilmani’s newest mentorship, Flourish.

Flourish is part of the Royal Remedies Mentorships where we believe in nourishing your holistic success, cherishing your unique journey, and empowering you to flourish.

Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support to thrive in your personal and professional life. We understand the unique journey of wellness professionals, including those with a spiritual inclination, who are mission-driven and ready to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Comprehensive Training

Our comprehensive training programs combine ancient wisdom with practical techniques tailored to modern life. Our mission is to empower wellness professionals and mission-driven women, providing them with the knowledge, tools, and resources to excel in their professional endeavors while prioritizing their personal well-being.

Personalized Strategies

Through our personalized strategies, nurturing environment, and transformative curriculum, Flourish equips you with the skills to optimize your well-being, enhance your impact, and create a positive ripple effect in the world. We believe that when you prioritize your own growth and align with your purpose, you radiate positive energy that benefits both yourself and those around you.

Launch Your Vision To Fruition

Join us at Flourish and embark on a transformative journey, unlocking your true potential and achieving balance, vitality, and fulfillment. As a member of our academy, you’ll become part of a thriving community of like-minded individuals who embrace their unique journeys and make a meaningful impact in the world.

Our Programs

Accelerated 9-Week Mastermind

Creating confidence in your professional skills and expertise is important to thrive in the wellness field. Perhaps you’re seeking opportunities to expand your knowledge and gain new training or certification to further establish yourself as a trusted efficient professional.

3-Semester Group Training

Embrace the transformative power of the Establish Essentials 3-semester group training created for your personal and professional growth. Reset, rejuvenate, and soar to new heights as you align with your divine soul calling and establish flourishing routines, rituals, and radiance.

Our mission extends to our Royal Remedies program, where we believe that each participant is a precious gem with immense potential. Our program is designed to nurture and unlock your innate healing abilities, allowing you to shine brightly in the world of holistic wellness.

Whether you choose our Accelerated 8-Week Mastermind for personalized attention or our 4-Semester Group Training for a supportive community, you’ll gain immediate access to valuable resources, including home study materials, engaging PowerPoints, and your very own Royal Remedy Kit.

This comprehensive training will enrich your personal lifestyle and empower you to flourish professionally. Whether you want to support yourself, your loved ones, or those you serve, our program equips you with the knowledge and tools to make a profound difference. Join us in nourishing your personal growth and unleashing your full potential.

Homeopathy 101

3 hour live training & Home-Study on how to utilize:

  • Homeopathy 911 Remedies

  • Homeopathy Potency

  • Homeopathy For Immune Boosting

  • Intro To Homeopathy & Personality

Bach Flowers 101

3 hour live training & home study on how to utilize:

  • Bach Flower Body Mapping

  • Bach Flower Zodiac Birth Remedy

  • Bach Flowers For Chakra Health

Cell Salts

3 hour live training how to utilize The 12 Schussler Salts to:

  • Increase To Restore Your Cells

  • Assist With Your Cosmic Vitality

  • Enhance Your Immune System

5D Frequency 101

  • Energy Chanting Meditation

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Intuitive Muscle Testing

The Invitation

Embrace this invitation to embark on a journey that will bring vitality, balance, and harmony to your life. Let’s illuminate the path of holistic success and create a ripple effect of positive change.

Experience the power of our exclusive online training at Flourish integrating ancient wisdom, quantum principles, and practical techniques tailored for wellness professionals and mission-driven women like you. This is your opportunity to access a unique program that combines the wisdom of the ages with the realities of modern life. Discover how to simplify and integrate ancient teachings into your daily life, unlocking your true potential as a mission-driven individual.

Start your transformative journey today with Flourish and witness the incredible impact of aligning with your mission, purpose, and passion. Together, we’ll empower you to embrace your role as a wellness professional and mission-driven individual with confidence, grace, and fulfillment.

Upcoming Programs & Virtual Live Events

Establish Essentials

Accelerated 9-Week Mastermind

Establish your essentials Quantum 5D Mentorship

A 9-week course for conscious creatives, HOLISTIC WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS, and spiritual entrepreneurs ready to accelerate.

Whether you’re yearning to PREPARE to conceive a baby, birth a thriving business, or rediscover your true soul identity.

Through the personalized modules, collaborative sessions, and transformative rituals, you’ll discover how to lead healing circles, create blended flower essences, create customized meditations, learn the foundations of ancient kabbalistic Hebrew letters, learn how to do life Purpose Readings, get positioned as a leader in the holistic wellness realm.

You’ll connect with a supportive community of like-minded women, creating meaningful connections and partnerships that will elevate your journey.

Sunday, July 14th to Sunday, September 22nd, 2024
8 to 10 AM EST

3-Semester Group Training

In our comprehensive 3-semester training, we provide a well-structured simplified curriculum that equips you with practical skills and knowledge applicable to your everyday life. Throughout each semester, you’ll participate in in-depth training sessions where we explore the principles and practices of the Royal Remedies. These sessions are complemented by monthly practicums, offering you valuable opportunities to actively apply what you’ve learned in real-life situations. Our primary objective is to ensure that you develop a profound understanding of the Royal Remedies and also gain the confidence to integrate this transformative art into your daily routine and extend support to others. With ample time for learning and implementation, you’ll be empowered with the necessary tools to embrace the enriching potential of the Royal Remedies in your daily lifestyle.


Homeopathy 101

First aid, accident and emergency situations. Homeopathy 911 Remedies, Homeopathy Potency, Homeopathy For Immune Boosting, Intro To Homeopathic Constitutional Care for your customized remedy that best suits the totality of your symptoms and best fits your personality.

Thursday, August 29, 2024
12 to 3 PM EST

Bach Flowers & Beyond 101

Bach Flowers and beyond. A transformative training that equips you with invaluable tools and knowledge to enhance your own well-being as well as establishing an add on to your existing professional practice. Dive into the world of Bach Flower Essences and explore their harmonizing effects when combined with chakra healing techniques. Gain access to the royal recipes for identifying emotional imbalances in each chakra and learn how to restore harmony using Bach Flower Essences. Learn how personalized blends to various personalities and emotions, you’ll be empowered to make an even greater positive impact in the world.

Thursday, November 21, 2024
12 to 3 PM EST

Cell Salt Training

Cell Salts are made from the twelve minerals essential to your body’s functions. They include forms of calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and silica which work at the cellular level. There are 12 individual cell salts and each is geared toward healing specific emotional and physical symptoms and ailments. There is also a combination of 12 cell salts available which is called “Bioplasma”. It has all 12 cell salts in each tablet to provide overall cell support. Another great thing about cell salts is they are natural and considered homeopathic.

Thursday, February 27, 2025
12 to 3 PM EST

5D Frequency 101

Learn the foundations and fundamentals of Vibrational Frequency for improving your mindset, for overcoming fears, and patterns that hold you back. Learn to energize your magnetic field to attract more positive flow to your overall life. Learn the Royal methods to uplift yourself from the 3D Struggles to get into more moments of 5D path of abundance, creativity, and Co-Creation.

Thursday, May 29, 2025
12 to 3 PM EST


Learned So Much

I have known Tania for over six years. I originally took her mommy homeopathy course. I learned so much, and it gave me so much confidence all around. With Tania’s help and mentoring, I helped many people, continued learning and working. Even though Tania was in the US and I was in Jerusalem, she made herself available to me, and helped me through an extremely traumatic and scary birth and postpartum. She is a role model, a powerhouse woman, helping others out there. She empowers others, is a connection in a chain, and shares her connections with her students so they can better themselves and their families.

Elana Arlin
Doula, Stay At Home Mom, Kallah (Bride) Teacher

Jump Started

Taking On My Own Clients

Taking just a few of Tania’s classes really jump started me into this new world. From there, I signed up for more. In just a short time, I’ve gained confidence and knowledge with the Mommy Homeopathy and Advanced Quantum trainings. I recently began taking clients of my own, and have assisted multiple families and individuals through illness. I would never have been able to move forward this quickly elsewhere. For anyone looking to learn efficiently, and at an accelerated pace, I highly recommend investing in Tania’s courses and programs.

Elizabeth Sentian
Holistic Health Coach & Homeopath

Worth It

Empowers Professional Minded Moms

Tania empowers professional minded moms to take health in their own hands. Tania’s training program gave me the confidence to incorporate homeopathy into my day to day personal and professional health practice. The concierge care community forum support gave me the peace of mind, it was the added benefit that made it all worth it.

Katie Fischer Donnelly
Physical Therapist

Gained Confidence

Knowledge, Experience, and Expertise

I have known Tania for a decade. She has introduced me to the world of Mommy Homeopathy & beyond. With her support, I have been healthier, and I have gained the confidence to raising my daughter in a non-toxic way. Her knowledge, experience and expertise surpasses many. I have enjoyed her courses and retreats greatly and learned so many treasures by being her student, customer and plan to be for life.

Maya Nicole Calida
Registered Birth & Delivery Nurse

Higher Understanding

New Techniques

Working with Tania has opened up channels of higher understanding of the body and mind in a whole new way. I have so many new  techniques to offer my clients. As everyone is so vast and unique, I learned to approach the work in a more  expansive way that can really help so many people. Tania guided me through my work, effort and value – allowing me to build packages at varying levels and how they could optimally be structured. Within the first month of a soft launch, I got booked working part time doing what I love most, helping others.

Lyndsey Harper
Integrative Homeopath Counseling & Human Design

Her Students Graduate

Very Impressed with the Students

I met Tania about a decade ago. She was one of our homeoprophylaxis supervisors. Since then she has opened up her own homeopathy school. I am able to take on her word when her students graduate from her 125 hour Mommy Homeopathy Academy so they can then go on to take my Homeoprophylaxis course to become HP supervisors, as well as the Detox and Drainage certification. I am very impressed with the students Tania has sent to our organization.

Kate Birch
Author, Founder of Free & Healthy Children, Homeopath

Highly Recommend

Concierge Care, Mentorship, and Courses

I brought Tania into my holistic pediatric office in Orange County, California. We worked together for a few years, and my pediatric moms were so happy with her. She truly had patience to work with them, and many went on to take her homeopathy course. She has become a really good friend of mine, and I highly recommend her concierge care mentorship and courses.

Dr. Pam Middleton
Holistic Pediatrician, Well-Being Coach


From the Legendary Guru Jagat

I have known Tania for years and years. Her Homeopathic Teachings are something else. She’s truly profound in her next level healing and channeling. I highly recommend her customized remedy protocols that go deep to your birth story, genealogy and esoteric vibrational frequencies to elevate your overall vibration and vitality. Tania is AMAZING & a good friend of mine.

Guru Jagat
Quantum Yoga Teacher, Leader & Legend

About Tania


Tania is an Award-winning author, an Inspirational mentor, Transformational Educator, and Mom of three children ages 24, 23 and 14.

The Living My Best CEO, Tania shares her expertise as 2 decades being a Homeopathy Educator, and Success Mentor.

She’s been Featured in Hippocrates Health Institute, Published in The New Jersey Link Magazine, R.A.M.A TV, Berlin Wellness Guide and many other sought out Institutions and Organizations for her Programs and Experience in Homeopathy & Quantum Healing.

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