Are you ready to stop worrying about money forever?

Once you learn how to become Divinely Aligned the days of worrying are behind you and the wonderfully liberating days of personal and professional growth are ahead.

Don’t stress, you have more power than you realize.

You’re a Divine creation with a unique purpose – now it’s time get Aligned and change your world forever.

and Get-Away Experience


Our 2-Day Semi-Annual Get-Away Experience is a little bit of “get-away” and and little bit of “get into it” for you – all of the outstanding women who are ready to step into your Divinely Aligned frequency and change your world forever!

You are Divine and you have the power. Now you can learn to access that power-gift with the steady hand of Divinely Aligned’s very own Tania Dilmani and her many years of miracle manifesting. This decision may prove to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

We “get into” Sacred Affirmations, Meditations, Intuitive Soul Communication, Quantum Healings…plus we also get into business foundation and content creation!!! So you don’t have to go it alone.

Divinely Aligned is the dynamic duo of Hands On Events. By placing emphasis on both internal working and healings and the business you want to create, you emerge with a blueprint and the tools you will need to be successful, you get a double WOW!

What Are People Saying About DIVINELY ALIGNED


“I don’t know where to begin, I am blessed to have found Tania, through my teacher Guru Jagat. I was in a place working with another coach where I was stuck. I am so grateful that I allowed and listened to receive Tania’s help. I moved through so many blocks now in just a couple of weeks. The results have allowed me to receive 100K to pause the other program so I can build a foundation of trust in my intuition to create income and impact from a place of healing and giving.”


Qurban Devi Kaur

“I manifested $100,000 within 4 months of meeting Tania, clearing my blocks and taking her advanced courses. The Miracle Manifestation process works wonders. I highly recommend Tania’s teachings, mastermind and customized meditations for everyone. They are simply magical and they work.”


Marlena Bat Noah

“I just had a divinely aligned vip session with Tania and it was fantastic! Almost immediately she helped me zone in on an issue that has been holding me back, in both my business and personal life. I kind of knew it was there, but Tania helped me see it very quickly and then I literally moved through it on the call (and it was effortless!). I’ve had this fear for YEARS, and it is simply not there anymore! I no longer feel scared about really putting myself out there or embracing my power. Instead, I feel ready to show the world who I am, have a greater impact, and make a lot more money in the process.”


Mary Knebel



We are all given divine gifts in this life path that lead to our true purpose here on Earth. Some of us are aware of these gifts and tap into their power regularly, and some of us are just discovering and accepting them.

Optimizing your unique gifts and how to harness this divine power will help you find greater fulfillment, purpose, and prosperity flow in your sacred journey.


And knowing how to be consistently successful… feels even better

This is all possible when you decide to step into this Divinely Aligned frequency.

Utilizing the customized divinely aligned sacred affirmations, meditations, intuitive soul communication, 5D guided visualizations, quantum healing essences, high vibe MONEY manifesting mindset & CONTENT CREATION so you can grow your business!

You will feel ENERGIZED to maximize your days, your business and the quality of your overall well-being with momentum.




When you whole heartedly decide to divinely align, your money,  your business, your clients, and everything else will automatically connect and come into harmony. You know, you can FEEL IT – NOW is YOUR time to shine with owning your intrinsic value, are you ready? You are divinely special and it’s your birth right to live on purpose unapologetically.


Now is the time. Time to unlock your inner light, truth, and expertise so you can have the lifestyle you have been waiting for.  You will create your divinely aligned personal and professional visions. This will give you the power drive to AMPLIFY YOUR SUCCESS INTO REALITY. You will see a glimpse of your future self, and step into it with confidence, with ease and flow. You will discover how to detach and let go of what’s not serving your highest power while setting boundaries and non negotiables that expedite your goals and intentions.


Experience customized guided miracle manifestation meditations to get into frequency to Divinely drive your inspiration into reality with great desire and divine blessing. Learn to build a beautiful relationship with money. Reset your belief system that money serves you, you get to be neutral, fun, overflow and allow yourself to receive and be in money magnet vibration trusting that money loves you and will show up for you consistently,  all the time.

Did you know my friend Guru Jagat?

She was a teacher like no other. Her following was over 100,000 people world-wide and touched so many souls in a positive way. She was the leader of the Aquarian Women Movement. She was funny, alive, authentic, and my friend. There will never be another Guru Jagat. With love and honor…keeping your name and legacy alive in the world.

My Little Voice is now my true compass

The power of being DIVINELY ALIGNED


In the Divinely Aligned Get-Away Experience you will learn to be in the frequency of the Accelerated Lifestyle Transformational Quantum Leap Steps to Prospering in the new era for your highest body, heart and soul alignment.

Learn to utilize your inspiration, the divine drive from your inner alignment to add that to the simple strategies, and signature systems, to monetize your message.


Do you want to deeply connect with your divinely aligned intuition and continuously make wise decisions for you, your family, your business? Be in financial flow frequency.


Do you crave to build your business with a flourishing income and without the complications and obstacles blocking your way? Learn how to maximize your profits.


Do you want to be that shining superstar that makes a genuine imprint on the lives you are meant to transform with huge impact? Become a miracle magnet.

Next Level Victory


Loyalty   –   Royalty   –  Community

I know for me having the loyalty of my husband, my children, my clients, and my students…is THE most satisfying and gratifying reality I have ever felt!!

Having created the platform to RECEIVE this level of ROYAL LOYALTY makes me feel like a Queen 👑  a true daughter of divinity…which we all are my friend!

Having a circle and community that share my core values is what I’ve spent the last decade creating. I planted, I harvested, I prayed… Today the fruits of my labor is THIS GIFT of the Divinely Aligned Get-Away Event. A gift to REVEAL more SUNSHINE ☀️ in a world that at times…may seem dark.

In my world I get to feel the rewards of this personal liberation and I’m honored to share it with my Divinely Aligned Next Level Souls who are READY to receive this same fulfilling experience. And yes, to stay in balance there will also be professional business acceleration and rewards that go along with this unique frequency positioning!!

I’m most honored to be serving you all!

Much love,


What you get when you're DIVINELY ALIGNED


Sacred Affirmations

Create a Signature Soul Affirmation to anchor this sacred momentum to center and realign.

5D Guided Visualizations

5D Guided Imagery from from your every day life while you take a quantum leap into your dream life and live on that frequency.

Content Creation

Design your foundational content creation. Give birth to your first copy or Next Level Program in real time.

Miracle Meditations

Getting creative flow to design your irresistible offer with Divinely Aligned packaging and pricing.

Quantum Healing Essences

Divinely Aligned recipes for emotional equilibrium, focus your energy centers and create the container for your success.

Monthy Bonuses

Surprise guest speaks and experts join us on a call or in person on various topics that will thrill you.

Intuitive Soul Communication

Learn how to properly muscle test and increase your energetic frequency to determine your highest truth.

High Vibe MONEY Manifesting

Organize and systemize your aligned vision with a step by step guided and customized action plan.

One On One Meetings

Exclusive for VIP Throne clients. Inquire if interested.

“Tania helps coaches and entrepreneurs go from broke and frustrated to enhanced cash flow, a reduction of hours in a work week, and learning how to serve their tribe and create true impact in the world, while making a lot of money. Tania is the real deal. She gets you results, and motivates you to take the next Divinely Aligned action step to your success.”


Kevin Pittman

Podcast Host / Play to Win

“Tania holds the power of MIRACLES. I have never met a woman with such an alchemical aura. We all know that everything IS possible, but with Tania‘s energy field pulling things from the unmanifested zone into the real world happens FAST! In less than two weeks, Tania helped me go from being hazy and timid about my business to fierce clarity and total launch.”


Harmanjot Kaur

Yoga Teacher / Video Series

“Tania is a passion purpose-driven mom, author, and entrepreneur that utilized her knowledge and expertise in health and wealth to create a Successful 6-Figure Holistic Academy by combining her skills and insight, to awaken a greater impact and income in the lives and businesses of those she is honored to shine her love and light!

Bret Gregory

Social Media Influencer / Serial Entrepreneur
The DIVINELY ALIGNED 2-Day Live Mastermind
November 17 & 18 , 2021 - Miami, Florida


This  2-day event will save you time and money so that you don’t have to try to figure everything out on your own. Believe me when I tell you, that in itself is worth millions!!!!

Meet other high vibe women aligned with similar goals of expansion and leadership that is invaluable.

Join one of the world’s top Miracle Manifesting Mentors, Tania Dilmani, who will hold space for you to immediately access and  tap into this sacred quantum container and community.


During this evolving, elevating and excelling 2-Day DIVINELY ALIGNED Get-Away Experience you are going to realign your energy centers to allow yourself to receive more joy, love, wellbeing, affluence, and blessings, while owning your DIVINELY ALIGNED gifts…your SuperPower, and step into your next level clarity, confidence, courage and cash flow.

We will begin each morning with a quantum movement meditation on the ocean at 9 am.

And close the day with a very special melody meditation feeling centered and inspired with real-time breakthroughs to live your life with a new DIVINELY ALIGNED personal and professional imagination.

DAY ONE - Personal Expansion

Enhance Your Intuition – Vibe Higher to Love Frequency – Clear Subconscious Conflicts – Shift Self Sabotaging Beliefs & Energy Blocks to release uncertainty, fear, sadness, resentments, hurt, sadness, lack that limits your consistent personal and professional success.

•5D Guided Visualizations         • Sacred Affirmations         •Quantum Healing Essences

PLUS – Special 3-Hour class on the Top 10 Flower Essences and  Blends for emotional equilibrium and soul recoding.

DAY TWO - Professional Expansion

Learn the Divinely Aligned Abundance Signature Modalities to connect with your higher soul self and anchor that into your reality for your 100K Next Level Income & Impact

• Miracle Manifestation Mindset         • High Vibe MONEY Manifesting         • Content Creation

PLUS – Secret gifts, opportunities, and BONUSES!!!

PLUS Bonuses!!!

Delicious Kosher Vegan Lunch Included Both Days
(Valued at $100 )

The Flower Essence Flourish Kit
(Valued At $250 )

The Miracle Manifestation Meditation Download
(Valued at $100)

The Quantum Coaching Gold Home-study Program
(Valued at $1,000)

Are you ready to become DIVINELY ALIGNED?


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